Alexis is here to help New Investors make money! There is an “Art to Finding Great Deals”, and a huge mountain for real estate investors to climb before they close their first wholesale flip. There are also many detours and pit-holes along the way that will discourage you. The common history I’ve found with my new coaching clients is there endless hunt from “seminar to seminar” hoping to find “their missing link” to entrepreneurial success. I’ve heard endless stories of clients wasting so much time and money with real estate gurus who lack the experience, depth of knowledge and street of smarts that come from actually doing what you teach. It’s sad but true; most seminar speakers are trained at selling education, not at making money in real estate. As I tell my all my new clients, it’s time to let go of past mistakes and move forward with a plan that actually works.

With Alexis’ 32 years experience as a successful investor and 24 years as a nationally known educator who loves being a part of her clients success – you will not find a more highly qualified active real estate investor and coach to get you where you need to be.

Here is How You Will Work Together:

  • We would schedule a call and discuss your current time commitments and your short and long-term goals. Alexis will come up with a plan that will get you to your first deal in less than 90 days. Then we will execute that plan!
  • Alexis will send you her Mastermind Investor training videos, specific assignments for your local market, scripts, contracts, plus her current Investor Deal Submission Spreadsheet.
  • An important part of your business is your team. Alexis will help you find and interview reliable money partners, lenders, contractors, and agents in your local market. Alexis is also available as an investor to buy your wholesale deals that fit her Investment Criteria.
  • You will connect with Alexis by phone, text and email to execute your plan, so you can wholesale a deal to another investor; or buy, fix and sell your first deal (depending on your resources) for a really NICE payday.
  • Rest assured, Alexis will hold your hand, from start to finish. You WILL do the Work and SEE Success. There are no more excuses. We KNOW You CAN Do THIS!

Alexis limits her coaching availability to 1-2 investors at a time to make sure you get her full attention. Please email Alexis directly for pricing and advanced planning to bring you on.