Who is Alexis McGee?

http www ukoptions com Hi, Welcome! You’ve probably found this site because you are checking out “who is this Alexis McGee lady”? Well, you’ve found her. Real estate is Alexis’ passion. She has more than 30 years of experience in multi-family, commercial and residential real estate as both a real estate agent and investor; and over 20 years experience as an active real estate coach, educator and author. Alexis lives and breathes real estate.

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see Alexis has experienced three real estate cycles and have pretty much seen it all. Her strengths are finding and negotiating win-win deals with distressed property owners, investors, lenders, government agencies, agents, developers and high net worth individuals across the country. Utilizing her extensive expertise, Alexis applies creative, effective strategies to help her clients maximize their returns. And she’s here to help you too... (You can read more about Alexis HERE).



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